URGENT: Two Egyptian nationals are involved in another incident

The Kuwaiti security personnel have been briefed to Egyptian expatriates and expatriates of other nationalities

Security men uncovered an abortion by a Filipino woman with the help of her Egyptian boyfriend, who was rescued from a fetus in a dirt yard in Salmiya with the help of a citizen.


During the tour of the security men in the Salmiya area, they suspected a four-wheeled vehicle with a man and a woman. When the captain stopped, he turned out to be an Egyptian accompanied by a Filipina. The signs of confusion appeared to them, raising doubts about them and asking them about their relationship, claiming they were friends and walking together to spend time.



The security guards did not take the words of the expatriates and took them to the station. They found that they had been in a forbidden relationship for some time, and that they had carried a murderer, which led the Filipina to abort the unfinished fetus. Themselves and guide the place.


According to a security source, "the security officers went to the place in search of any thread leading to the fetus, but they did not find anything, which is likely to be stray dogs Nshhth, and the custody of the accused to complete the investigation on the subject of several cases, most notably murder.