Emotional fraudsters seize women's savings with bank loans

Strange details ..... Amarty women victims of love loans imaginary

Many women have fallen victim to delusional love, which has hurt them to take loans they spend on the ones who love them, and then the fraudsters take their money and run away. There are cases of "emotional fraud" in the state courts, where married women are tempted to marry.

  And there are also couples who take the excess romance with their wives, to take their savings. "These cases are difficult to classify as fraudulent," he said, "unless the accused takes money from a girl or a woman for the purpose of investing in a trade, as in many cases, and there is evidence of that." Most of the fraudsters are emotionally keen on Do not leave a guide behind them, because they are planning it from the start.

"I was very nice with me. I did not doubt for a moment that he was taking advantage of me, so I borrowed until we bought the apartment together, but insisted on writing it in his name. Suddenly I discovered that it was a nightmare and not a beautiful dream. Link to me ».

She also said that she used to ask for money from her with various reasons, including buying the apartment in their country and processing it. .

She added that she hid from her relatives all the money that she gives him, and kept giving him the money in batches, until the amount exceeded 200 thousand dirhams, confirming that she did not doubt a moment in his intention, if he behaves with a romantic, especially when he needs the funds, The decision to sever his relationship with them without warning or error committed, absorbed the matter calmly, and asked him to return money.

He said that he had revealed another face when she asked for her money and told her that she could not do anything to him, but she opened a document against him with receipts of remittances, pointing out that he is threatening her now until she relinquishes the communication, but will pursue him until she regains all her rights, And exploited it in the worst possible way.

 Another employee says she borrowed 300,000 dirhams to help someone she was emotionally attached to and promised to marry after he claimed he was in trouble and could have been imprisoned. After paying him money, she had to pay the loan on his behalf, To legal accountability when it was late in the payment of installments, hoping to act with a bit of the pit, and respond to what it is.

The Department of Electronic Crime Control recorded a case of a woman who was linked to a person through a social network. He exploited her delay in marriage and forced her to marry her. She then exhausted her financially until she realized she was a victim of a fraud. She went to the police to help her recover her rights.

One of the most famous cases, which recently recorded the case of the Gulf employee who lost 20 million dirhams, spent her lover, sentenced to seven years in prison, and a fine of 20 million dirhams.

For his part, lawyer Ali Musabah, told «Emirates Today», that the so-called emotional fraud is not limited to the only girls, but he also lengthens the wives according to issues he has, pointing out that the couples in those cases are excessively romantic and attention to the extent, to seize the savings Their wives, but get loans in their own names and get involved in cases.

He said that this kind of emotional fraud for al-Azbawat has two forms: the first is their marriage, especially the arrears in marriage age, and then the physical depletion of the marriage, and the second to enter into an open affair without promises, but the girl buys her money or gifts on the other side, She discovers that he is exploiting her in the end. He pointed out that there are several cases of work on them, which fall under the first type, such as the case of a woman promised by a person to marry, gave him 200,000 dirhams dowry to go to her relatives, but took the money and gave up, causing emotional shock.

The second type was a woman who certified an Asian person, gave him many money and gifts, and spent on their journeys and exits, in return for being in relationship with her. When he did not, she decided to sue him and accused him of raping her.

On the legal side in these cases, Musabah explained that the law does not classify it as a fraud unless the girl gave him money for a specific purpose and had proof of it, such as a check, bank transfer or letters indicating that many young people convince girls who are connected They invest with them in the stock exchange or e-commerce, and then take their money.

He pointed out that one of the cases that are classified as fraud is that the beloved or the friend is not a person who does not have it, such as claiming that he occupies an important position, or claims that he does not have to exploit others physically, such as a mechanic who works for an important figure in the state Her experience and ensure her safety, and claimed to be the property of him, and exploited in catching women, especially female employees, and then drain them materially, and when he discovered that was issued a communication against him, and referred to the judiciary for fraud.

In other cases, away from trade or impersonation, girls who are subjected to such exploitation can claim a civil claim for the money they have given to the other party, provided there is proof, indicating that some girls act intelligently, keeping evidence that they are transferring money to the other party .

Lawyer Ali Musabah said that the fraudsters emotionally targeted the female employees - primarily - their financial capabilities, pointing out that one of the cases dealt with by an employee associated with a person, and after he loved him persuaded to invest with him, he first asked her 100 thousand dirhams, and held for two days, To the amount of 105 thousand dirhams, claiming that it achieved this fantastic profit in just two days, increased confidence in it, and gave him 200 thousand, and then borrowed 500 thousand dirhams, until the total amounts given by 800 thousand dirhams, and finally abandoned, after he took over On their money.