A new warning from the UAE authorities to all drivers and car owners

The UAE authorities call on all motorists to be careful not to fall into this violation, which gives the owner a fine

Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers not to be concerned about falling into these irregularities and come from the most important of which is the use of the phone to surf the Internet, social networking sites or make a call, or take pictures and other behaviors that accompany them to the incident


The deputy director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate, Brigadier General Ahmad Abdullah Al Shehhi, said that there will be no negligence with the drivers who are busy without the road while driving. The road and the use of the phone during the driving are classified as serious violations and the driver is fined AED 800 and 4 traffic points.




He stressed: Drivers must focus in driving, road control, to avoid vehicle deviation and slow down and disrupt traffic and traffic, and bypass the red light signal




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